Friday, June 1, 2012

Amazing Ladybugs

I'm sure you know what this is:

But do you know where it comes from?

I never much thought about the life cycle of a Ladybug. I have always known that it was a "good" bug. Even little kids know that Ladybugs are safe to touch and are nice to have around the garden. But, until recently, I never knew how amazing Ladybugs are.

During my recent struggle with Aphids (see post here), I wanted to be sure that I educated myself about the other bugs in my garden so that I wouldn't kill the ones that were actually helping me keep the Aphids away. I already knew that Ladybugs eat Aphids, but I kept seeing this bug around:

I did a quick Google search and found out that it is referred to as a Ladybird. But you know what? It's a LADYBUG! A Ladybird is really just an early form of a Ladybug! I have always wondered what those alligator looking bugs were. Now I know!

So I kept my eyes open in the garden in case I might find other interesting bugs that I should keep around to help with my Aphid problem. I found this guy, practically suctioned to the leaves of my plants:

Worried that he might be consuming my precious vegetable plants, I did another Internet search. Guess what? It's a LADYBUG!!

The alligator looking baby (Ladybird) turns into this orange blob. I'm guessing it's kind of like a cocoon. It doesn't move at all, is totally stuck to the leaf, and the Ladybug emerges leaving a "skin":

Amazing! And to think, I always just thought Ladybugs were born the way we all know them:

But that's not all!! The other day, while inspecting my roses for Aphids, I saw this little cluster of orange "eggs":

Yup! Ladybug eggs!!

And a few days later, I checked back to see if they were still there and found this:

Baby Ladybirds (young ladybugs) just hatching out of their eggs! I can't believe that I have been able to see (and capture with my camera) every stage of a Ladybug's life in my own garden!


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  1. oh my gosh ava loves ladybugs!!!! i cant wait to show her these pictures so when shes out looking for ladybugs she can look for these too !!! rebecca


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